Why is the Palantir NHS contract valued at £1?


Last week, OpenDemocracy managed to get the Government to disclose four NHS COVID related contracts. That it took them a threat of court action speaks millions about the value of transparency and accountability regarding public money in the UK these days.

I haven't had the opportunity to explore the contracts in detail yet, and the fact that some are scans has not made it any easier. It coveniently reduces their usefulness for subsequent research...

In any event, the value in the Palantir contract attracted my attention. The contract is valued at £1 and this immediately makes me consider two things.

First, an abnormally low valued tender needs to be investigated so was this done by the Government before awarding the contract?

Second, the internet aphorism of 'when the product is free, you're the product', comes to mind. Why is Palantir doing a contract 'for free'.

Plus, are there any other 'free' COVID related contracts out there? If so, why? What is the payout for the companies providing the 'free' product or service. A proper inquiry becomes more and more necessary by the day.