Week 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 procurement tennis

Ground covered this week

This week Albert and I covered the last two exceptions to the application of Part 2 (exclusive rights and public-public cooperation) and three specific situations whereby Part 2 rules were explicitly extended to contracts that one might think would not be covered. These are extensions for subsidised contracts, research and development services and also defence and security.

What is coming up next week

Next week we will cover another two Regulations related with specific situations in defence and security markets. By Wednesday, we will move into Section 2, containing more general rules such as principles of procurement, economic operators and reserved contracts. I suspect that these three Regulations will give us plenty of fodder for discussion.

Week 3 entries

Regulation 11 - Service Contracts Awarded on the basis of an exclusive right

Albert / Pedro

Regulation 12 - Public contracts between entities in the public sector

Albert / Pedro

Regulation 13 - Contracts subsidised by contracting authorities

Albert / Pedro

Regulation 14 - Research and Development Services

Albert / Pedro

Regulation 15 - Defence and Security

Albert / Pedro

Books/Articles cited

Martin Trybus, Buying Defence and Security in Europe