#ventilatorgate: the Dyson contract is no more

On Friday I wondered about the status of the Dyson contract, but perhaps I should have waited until today to do so as the contract has now been cancelled. Dyson claims it spent £20M developing the new ventilator but it won't try to recoup the money from the public sector. If that is the case I have the following questions:

  1. Why is the contract not published in full?
  2. How much public money (if any) was spent with it?
  3. What was the timeline that led to that contract?
  4. Were the specs for the ventilator changed halfway through the development process?
  5. What was the predict ramp up for production of ventilators once MHRA approval was obtained?

So the bottom line is that at the end of April not a single one of the ‘new design’ ventilators has been approved by the MHRA and is in production.