Revising the Commentary to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015

Myself and Albert published our consolidated Commentary to the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 late in 2016. The current version was mostly based on the blogposts we wrote back in 2015 and we just updated the content in very specific areas as we were working on a very tight timeframe and with plenty of competing priorities. We are delighted with the fact that it already attracts almost 1,000 unique visitors/month (971 as of today).

The commentary itself is quite long - 98,200 words in fact - and we are certain some entries could do with a brush up, cleaning and also some updating of ideas and concepts. We would like to review a maximum of 5-10 entries this Summer and as our time available is limited (as usual) we need to focus where there is more interest/need for improving.

Checking the logs for the last 6 months it seems that people are using the following entries the most:

- Regulation 59 (ESPD)

- Regulation 57 (Exclusion Grounds)

- Regulation 33 (Framework Agreements)

- Regulation 72 (Contract Modifications)

- Regulation 24 (Conflicts of Interest)

- Regulation 37 (Centralised Purchasing Activities)

We may focus our attention on these or others, although it is clear that at least the ESDP will get a good seeing to as I have just written a paper about it.

As for the rest of our effort, which entries would you like to see us revisiting?