Public Contracts Regulations 2015 - Regulation 61

Regulation 61 - Recourse to e-Certis

Regulation 61 transposes Article 61 of Directive 2014/24 and defines the obligation to contracting authorities to have access to the e-Certis (online repository database) operated by the Commission.

Regulation 1 paragraph 5 deferred the deadline for implementation of the e-Certis system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland until October 2018 so it is not surprising that there is zero information available on how the system will operate in these shores.

In my view, that is a shame. For all the lip service of "transposing the Directive as soon as possible so that the new features could be used and benefit contracting authorities and suppliers" the e-Certis system is one of the novelties that can really be helpful on the long run to reduce transaction costs for all parties involved. So why leave it for 2018 then?