Public Contracts Regulations 2015 - Regulation 108

Regulation 108 - Publication of information on Contracts Finder about contracts awarded

This Regulation establishes the obligation for contracting authorities to publish on Contracts Finder certain information about contract awards. This obligations kicks in once the contract award notice has been sent to the EU Publications Office or a contract has been awarded under a framework agreement. According to paragraph 4, contracting authorities have to comply within a "reasonable time", whatever that may be.

Paragraph 2 defines what information is to be submitted to Contracts Finder (name of contractor, date and value) but paragraph 3 establishes exceptions to this rule. These exceptions are identical to the ones found on Regulation 50(6) for the information that is to be submitted to the EU Publications Office. Speaking of which, the contract award notice must not be published on Contracts Finder before it is entitled to do so under Regulations 52(3) and (4).

As with the previous two Regulations, any guidance produced by the Minister for the Cabinet Office shall be regarded by contracting authorities (paragraphs 6-8). Contrary to Regulation 107 there is no indication of consequences for the contracting authority in case it does not do so.

Similarly to the submission of the tender notice of Regulation 106, it is possible that an automatic system may be put in place to scrape the contract award data from the EU Publications Office, saving the contracting authority the duplicate work of doing it again for Contracts Finder. Mandatory e-procurement cannot come fast enough.