Portugal arrives fashionably late to the eForms party

Even though eForms became mandatory back in October 2023 and existing standard forms system is about to be disconnected, Portugal is yet to introduce its eForm implementation.

The existing system will be turned off this evening in the expectation it will come back online next Monday morning. So, if you were a Portuguese contracting authority wanting to send out a notice tomorrow, you're so out of luck.

More worrisome, the public body responsible for the transition (IMPIC) is stating that information sharing about the new eForms data fields will only start…next week.

IMPIC claims 'technical difficulties' and 'challenges' of synchronising various different systems and public bodies which are hard to see how they would be different from te other Member States.

Furthermore, bearing in mind that the October 25th 2023 transition deadline has been known since 2019, one must ask why was the national legal framework establishing eForms approved *only* on that date as well?