Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Scotland wants to use public procurement to find good employers. Peter Smith thinks this is a flawed approach and I am inclined to agree. It never ceases to amaze me, Government's desire (and ability) to bend procurement to achieve goals not connected with its core function.

2. DIGIWHIST project makes some bold claims about corruption in public procurement in English local councils. The full report by Mihaly Fazekas is here. My interview with him can be found at the Public Procurement Podcast.

3. Apprentice requirements in public procurement have hidden costs for bidders and make life more difficult for SMEs. Shocker! If someone can point me towards where proponents of these and similar measures haver their free lunches, please get in touch.

4. King's College is organising a one day workshop about convergence in transatlantic procurement markets on October 26th. Programme looks great.

5. Albert comments on Case T-299/11 by the General Court where compensation for loss of opportunity was granted to an aggrieved bidder on a framework agreement. Very interesting case and one of the first where we see a court looking into the messy inside of framework agreements.

6. Rome Tor Vergata is running a International Executive Week in Procurement Management next January.

PS: Apologies for the slow movement here on the blog but term has started. I hope to have a little bit more time and mental bandwidth over the next few weeks.