Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Commission publishes Report on the Remedies Directives effectiveness. I suspect this is the capping stone to justify not revising the Remedies Directives which, for me is a mistake. There is a significant difference between "speedy access to review mechanisms" and "speedy final decisions". And that before even mentioning the opportunity costs of cheap litigation (Portugal) or of very expensive litigation (UK),

2. Commission launches consultation about ex ante assessment of large infrastructure projects. I can already see the line of defense if project goes south "but the Commission said we were doing everything well!" Frankly, I am quite puzzled by this proposal at least in the current format.

3. Scottish Government publishes its Procurement Strategy 2017-19. Very pro EU, except when talking about local businesses and community benefits.

4. Welsh Government puts out Brexit whitepaper. As for procurement, it is keen in keeping access to the European Investment Bank for obvious reasons, while at the same time, railing against the current procurement rules which limits the use of procurement proactively as a tool to generate economic activity as to keep public sector expenditure in Wales (p.32). That would not be a problem if not for the stated claim that Wales also wants full access to the Single Market. I think they mean "one way street access" to the Single Market.