Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Lessons from cities trying to be better buyers.

2. Some data from the European Construction Sector Observatory.

3.  Clean contracting: safeguarding EU funds in Europe.

4.  Public procurement — the next frontier for tax justice campaigning? I hope not. The economic operators' tax situation is covered (and well covered) on Article 57 of Directive 2014/24/EU and it is connected with the intrinsic situation of the economic operator - not the contract at hand. If contracting authorities (and Member States) do not use the possibilities provided by Article 57 is another matter. Let's not forget that Art 57 allows for the exclusion to happen at any time during the procedure. That does not justify however increasing the complexity of the process by shoehorning tax issues to award criteria.

5.  Brexit' decision raises questions over adoption of Europe's electronic procurement document. It shouldn't as the UK is a fully fledged Member of the EU until the exit actually happens (if it it happens at atll). However, the mere fact we are entertaining this option illustrates one of my fears with the current Brexit limbo - the more time passes, the more likely it is EU law will be disregarded as the threat of enforcement recedes. This is just one of the first examples.