Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. NHS collaborates with a startup and rolls out product in only months to 10 regions in England. I wonder what procurement procedure they used...

2. Pre-commercial procurement can help public bodies innovate. Sure, it always did. As usual, the big, big issue is IP (and state aid).

3. UK Government to review £500 million worth of contracts won by Atsos. That the Government is doing this should not be a surprise, what should be a surprise in the other hand is that this is not done more often. Contract performance is currently procurement's soft underbelly in my view.

4. Why having a single set of legal rules applicable to the bulk of public procurement when you can have three? Scotland has the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, Public Sector Regulations (Scotland) 2015 and now the Procurement (Scotland) Regulations 2016. Why?

5. Speaking of procurement rules, the deadline for transposition of the Directive 2014/24/EU is April 18th. The game is on to find out which Member States will comply with the deadline and those who won't.