Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. The Regional Government of Aragon wants to hire technical staff, not politicians for public procurement roles.

2. European Commission revisits its third country access to public procurement markets. Albert has already commented on the proposal and I should do the same - after all I wrote a paper on this for the European Parliament back in 2013.

3. Speaking of Albert, he's running a NHS & procurement event in Bristol next June. If you want to meet him beforehand, you can always attend the (free) conference I am running on March 4th in London.

4. The Hashtag That Stymied Corruption in Kyrgyzstan. Interesting use of #mychair and #120armchairs hashtag to criticise the purchase of 120 chairs for $34,000. I wonder if we should have done the same for the #cutleryservice.

5. A couple new episodes of the Public Procurement Podcast are up. Sarah Schoenmaekers and Richard Craven were the most recent additions. Guilherme Lichand is coming up next Monday.

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