Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Italian MOD moves from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice. Very interesting move, particularly taking into account we are talking about a Ministry of Defense. After a few (maybe one) success story with Munich, LibreOffice has not really been able to get a foothold in the public sector.

2. Banks love the blockchain. Maybe I should get cracking with a research project looking into how we can use the blockchain in public procurement. Any takers?

3. Could the public sector keep its services but save millions by using smaller consultancies? Speculative, but good point made by the authors about what 18F in the US has done with CALC. The more price transparency exists in public procurement, the more difficult it will be for companies to profit from arbitrage.

4. Sally Collier goes on the record that she wants Government to move away from frameworks. I think these are excellent news. Let's hope the CCS delivers on this.

5. Denmark and Smart Cities. As always, I am sucker for these stories...

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