Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. My old job at Bangor University is up for grabs. Excellent place to start an academic career in public procurement...if you are motivated and willing to work very hard. Dermot is a great boss for those first years when we're freshly out of the Ph.D and has that important quality of protecting his team. Limited backstabbing and/or academic bitchiness too.

2. The European Procurement Law Group held its annual meeting earlier this week at Birmingham University. Thank you Martin Trybus for the warm welcome. The next book in our series (about qualification, selection and exclusion) is coming along nicely and we have some news to share in the near future. PS: Some of my colleagues have contributed case reviews for Concurrences e-Bulletin.

3. Some news about corruption in public procurement in Greece.

4. New Commission initiative to kickstart procurement of innovation. I remain sceptical that raising awareness is what is needed to get more (public) procurement of innovation. It has never been a problem of "tools" either. My view is that it comes down to (lack of) incentives and (lack of) risk tolerance, not to mention (lack of) money.

5. Someone does not like "open" procurement rules. Someone should read the rules with care and attention.