Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Getting rid of PQQs has unintended consequences as same questions are now asked in full tender. I was about to file this on the "hogwash & bullshit" file as ConstructionLine has a vested interest here, but changed my mind after thinking about it . As I have argued before the UK's pathological love affair with PQQs is a symptom (high barriers at the start to weed out potential suppliers, controlling the suppliers going forward and reducing workload) and not the cause. The problem is cultural and of capacity, but it can be solved as evidenced here. Central Government tackled the PQQ symptom instead of the cultural cause.

2. Apparently I am big in Poland. Thank you Witold for the interview!

3. New York City is looking for innovations in public procurement (fibre optics it seems). I am sucker for competitions like this but always wonder about IP rights...

4. More info about the blockchain, particularly in finance.

5. Episode #2 of the Public Procurement Podcast is out. Excellent talk with Claire Methven O'Brien from the Danish Institute of Human Rights.