Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Blockchain can be used for supply chain tracking. It seems my idea last week of using some sort of blockchain technology to solve the reputation issue in public procurement and a decentralised contract repository/database is not as crazy as I originally thought.

2. Canada wakes up to open contracting.

3. We need more challenges in public procurement (or at least avenues to solve disputes). I do not disagree with overall view. I am huge fan of the Canadian Procurement Ombudsman system.

4. Public procurement award data can be used to catch corrupt officials. Incredible story from Costa Rica, beautifully reported. A textbook example of the benefits of making contract data available in some way or form. My view is that the easier it is, the better. Bonus points for sending 2 (two!) former Presidents to jail for the snaffu.

5. The poor state of defence procurement in the UK. Self-explanatory. Sometimes I think the security exception for defence procurement is none other than a red herring to allow scope for poor procurement practices. But I'm a cynic.