Links I Liked [Legal Education]

1. Watch out law students and recent graduates, Kim is looking for your job. No, not that Kim, but the AI system being deployed by Riverview Law.

2. All change, all change in access to the profession(s) in England and Wales.  Plus, apparently the SRA is behind the idea of a national exam. I remember fondly (not) my experience with the national access exam back in Portugal. But with 100 law schools and God knows how may BPTC/LPC providers, I do not see how it could be otherwise - other than getting rid of it all.

3. Harvard Law Library decides to scan every judicial decision on its archives. It needed to be done, but shame it is destroying the books in the process.

4. Law School Exams and the IRAC Method. A colleague of mine mentioned this exam/problem question answer technique on a revision lecture last week.

5. I am featured on this month's "Do one change" by the Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching about the work I did with assessments for Startup Law. I do love talking about teaching and learning in law bur never expected that what I do might be relevant in other disciplines. You can find a video of a Startup Law presentation on the same link. A more up to date version of the slide deck is available on the Presentations tab.