Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. The first season of the Public Procurement Podcast is almost over and interview #19 with Stephan Litschig is now up. The final interview will go live later this week.

2. A good post mortem of the Coalition's Government "SME friendly" public procurement policy. Interesting analysis from Stephen Allot who was the Crown Representative for SMEs. Full of praise for G-Cloud and another example how moving procurement online actual makes life easier for SMEs (as I have argued for many years). On G-Cloud SMEs win 50% of the business (!).

3. 18F Launches Acquisition Innovation Pilot. Looks like (yet another) great idea by 18F and another example how procurement can be done differently in this day and age. Looks like a refined version of what I piloted back in 2011-13 with Welsh local authorities.

4. Tech trends and the future of local waste services. Plenty of scope to use data to improve wast management and thus, procurement.

5. White House Seeks Feedback on GitHub for Government-Wide Open Source Software Policy.