And now for some personal news...

On the footsteps of yesterday’s ‘goodbye’ post I am [thrilled/deligthed/enthused/humbled/smug] to announce that I will be joining the Copenhagen Business School as Associate Professor in Procurement Law from next Monday.

My connection with CBS can be traced all the way back to my Ph.D. My first workshop and conference presentations were held by CBS as my only claim to fame to influence the final wording of the current procurement directives is based on a presentation I did there in 2012. I also set up an Erasmus agreement with CBS in 2012 and had the pleasure to teach there for a week back then.* It is fair to say I have had a crush on CBS for many years and was not expecting to have the chance in my career to actually join it let alone bang on procurement law. Sometimes a boy can get lucky, though.**

Gratefulness is a great skill to have and it would be unfair to assume this change happened only on the back of my own skills and effort. I already thanked a number of people on twitter a few weeks ago when this move became certain but there are a couple who should be acknowledged here. First and foremost, my wife Ana for putting up with me all these years and in particular the last few ones. I was not the easiest person to have around or share a life with. Second, my line manager at Swansea University, Karen Morrow who went out of her way to help and support me when the going got tough from 2017 onwards. She held my fort way too many times. Thank you.

Well, I guess it’s time for me to start polishing my Danish.

*Speaking of which, my teaching week in November 2012 coincided with a startup founder friend of mine to be in town with a Portuguese national TV crew in tow. The journalist wanted some footage with a Danish university so I had to pass off as a CBS academic to welcome him to the building. To the chagrin of the family of course who got to see me on national TV sporting a nice moustache for Movember…

** Had I not gone to Turin for our yearly EPLG meeting I would never have known CBS had a position open in procurement law. Serendipity and good contacts helped here. Thank you Carina for the tip.