Commission politely asks 15 Member States to transpose Procurement Directives

The European Commission sent reasoned opinions to 15 EU countries, requesting them to fully transpose one or more of the 3 new directives on public procurement and concessions into national law (namely, Directives 2014/23/EC, 2014/24/EC and 2014/25/EC). The countries concerned are: Austria (3 directives), Belgium (3), Bulgaria (1), Croatia (3), Cyprus (2), Estonia (3), Finland (3), Ireland (1), Latvia (3), Lithuania (3), Luxembourg (3), Portugal (3), Slovenia (1), Spain (3) and Sweden (3).

Frankly, I find it incredible that almost 3 years after the Directives were published more than half the Member States are yet to transpose them fully. Plus, 11 Member States are yet to transpose a single Directive.

I wonder how many are aware of direct effect and indirect effect of many provisions in those Directives.