Public Procurement Podcast is back!


I have just uploaded episode 21 of the Public Procurement Podcast, interviewing Petra Ferk (Graduate School of Government and European Studies) to the PPP website. We talked at length about electronic procurement in the EU, particularly the current legal framework introduced by Directive 2014/24/EU.

This is the first episode of the second season and I will be posting a new one every two weeks except for August. Next on the line is Willem Janssen from Utrecht University. 

The show is available for subscription on iTunes, and if you want to give it a helping hand please consider rating it there.

Season 2 of the Public Procurement Podcast is coming

TheBritish Academy was kind enough to release some follow up funding for my British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award, making a second season of the Public Procurement Podcast possible.

Not much is changing for season 2. Episodes will last around 30 minutes and the whole season is again 20 episodes long, with new releases every two weeks from early May onwards. As with season one, the focus is again on early career researchers in public procurement with interesting research to tell the world. I am actively looking for interviewees in areas other than law and regulation this time around, so if you're interested to be interviewed or suggesting a colleague, please get in touch.

PS: Speaking of the Rising Star Engagement Award, this year's cohort is looking excellent and I am delighted to see esteemed colleagues like Amy Ludlow (interviewed here for the PPP) and Yseult Marique as award holders.

Two new interviews available on the Public Procurement Podcast

Forgot to announce that episodes #9 and #10 are already up on the Public Procurement Podcast website. Oops.

On episode #9 I talk with Dr. Franco Peirone (University of Piemonte Orientale) about corruption in public procurement and how the US and the EU went down different paths on their fight against corruption.

The interviewee on #10 is Dr. Ramona Apostol (Corvers Procurement Services) with public procurement of innovation as the key topic of our chat.

#11 will go live next week and the guest for that one is Abby Semple from Procurement Analysis.

Right on time for the weekend. Oh, and if you missed any of the previous episodes, maybe subscribing the PPP on iTunes is best solution.

Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Nice podcast about public procurement, from 2014. And no, it's not mine. Speaking of which, episode #3 with Frank Brunetta (Canadian Procurement Ombudsman) is now up.

2. The weird and wonderful world of local authority procurement. My Society looks like a very interesting project.

3. New Mistery Shopper results. And more importantly, apparently compliance is now mandatory for some (all?) contracting authorities in England and Wales since the Small Business Enterprise and Employment act came into force (Regulation 41). Also known as "assisting investigations." Oh, the euphemisms...

4. The World Bank is finally disclosing the identity of procurement contract winners. Say what you may about disclosing too much information after a tendering procedure, but not even disclosing the identity of the winning bidder smells beyond fishy. More about public contracts awardees information here (speculative).

5. Porto jumped into the bandwagon of "procurement infused" design contests. I am a sucker for innovation initiatives like this, but my usual concerns remain: i) intellectual property; ii) lock in; iii) design contests are not the right approach as they split R&D from procurement. Website for project here (Portuguese only).

New project: Public Procurement Podcast


I hinted over the last few months that I was about to launch a new project. Time to take the wraps out of the Public Procurement Podcast (PPP). Episode #1 with the usual suspect Dr. Albert Sanchez Graells is up and #2 will go on air tomorrow (Dr. Claire Methven O'Brien from the Danish Institute of Human Rights).

What can you expect from the PPP?

20 relaxed interviews about interesting public procurement topics with people that have something important to say. We are trying to go for a style that is easily accessible by lay persons so drop me a line if you think the show is still too jargon-infused for your taste. I am focused mostly on interviewing early career academics but there will be a few shows with heavyweights thrown in there for good measure. Oh, and we have transcripts too.

This project is graciously supported by the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Awards, without whose support it would not have been possible to make happen. Oh, and the support made a conference possible too. Thank you!