Episode #29 of the PPP with Suvi Taponen is available

I have just uploaded the last episode of 2016 for the Public Procurement Podcast. This time the interview is with Suvi Taponen, Doctoral Researcher at Aalto University School of Business, who also works as a Procurement Consultant. She will defend her thesis entitled ‘Improving the efficiency of public service delivery through outsourcing and management’ in the beginning of 2017, and she has worked previously at Hansel, the Finnish centralised purchasing body.

Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. 18F (USA) tries micro-purchases again. This time with their own tool, instead of using GitHub.

2. Visualising €1.3 trillion worth of EU public procurement contracts. Wow. Great to see connections where they are not obvious.

3. The Death Star bankrupted the far, far away galaxy. Not really public procurement, but the implications of the failure of a massive project on a supply chain. 

4. Scotland has a new public procurement law. I am yet to spend some quality time looking into it the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015, but want to do so in the near future to compare it with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. Policy note here. No, I will not be commenting on them one by one...

5. Too much outsourcing in the UK? Speculative.

Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

Busy week for procurement news/tidbits it seems:

1. Abby Semple replied to my entry about life cycle costing. She has a paper on the subject-matter link between award criteria and environmental considerations (ungated copy here).

2. Public procurement needs a higher profile. Fully agreed.

3. Will more public services in the UK be outsourced, sorry "spun out"?

4. Spain could not care less about its transparency portal (in Spanish). It covers more than just procurement, but the need to use an electronic ID card (which based on my previous run ins with Spanish bureaucracy means only the Spanish ones will do) as an identification mechanism makes as much sense as a drug dealer asking a buyer to provide ID.

5. Further blockchain developments could help my crazy idea of using something similar in procurement.