Some good procurement events on the horizon

1. Procurement Week Bootcamp in Bangor next week (09-10 June)

2. VIIth International Conference  Contracts, Procurement, and Public-Private Arrangements, Paris June 14th and 15th. Price unknown and hat tip to Piotr for the mention.

3. Taking stock of NHS governance after the 2013 reforms: Public procurement... Albert is running another free event in Bristol. Another one I need to register for.

4. 1st Global Procurement Conference in Rome, July 4th and 5th. Very interesting programme and speaker line up. It appears to be free.

5. Public Procurement Summer School – II Edition, Catholic University Porto September 5th to 8th. Once again I will be part of the programme, this time only on the international strand. Registration for the International Strand costs a very reasonable €210.

6. 3rd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Public Procurement, Belgrade September 28th-30th. I am very much looking forward to this one where I'll be the "legal" rapporteur on localism, one of my pet topics.

More than enough to keep us busy over the Summer!

Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Public Procurement: Challenging traditional sourcing models. Free one day conference organised by the University of Sussex on June 1st.

2.  GovLab is running a mooc on procurement and technology for people with actual projects to implement. Looks great if probably too US focused.

3. Court  of Justice has an app. Should I do an app review?

4. Speculative: Should  we give marks to the actual public procurement procedure and influence the decision of contract renewal [Spanish only]? It looks as a good idea, but the problem with any self-evaluation is that the grades will alwaays be inflated.

5.  An interesting  MOOC on innovation in the public sector [Spanish only].

See you next week in Bristol or in Bangor in June

Next Monday Albert is running an excellent 1 day programme on Regiopost and labour standards in public procurement at Bristol University. Attendance is free and the programme looks great. I look forward to seating in the audience relaxed enjoying the hard work of others instead of running around like a maniac on the backend...


On June 9th and 10th I am taking part on the Procurement Week Bootcamp 2016 which will be held in Bangor. This is a paid event (contrary to previous years) but the £99 fee for two days seems more than reasonable. It will be great to catchup with my former gang at the Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies in addition to a number of colleagues which will be in attendance.

In case you decide to go to the Bootcamp my recommendation as a former Bangor resident is to stay at the Management Centre. Do not let the name fool you, it's by far the best accommodation in town.

UK public procurement events taking place in the next couple of months

I have seen that there are a few procurement related events happening the next few months, so posting about them may be of use to the readers. All of them are free as far as I know.

Academic Roundtable: Management and Operations of Major Public Contracts Legal Challenges and Opportunities (Conference)

April 15th, 2pm at Universite de Paris-Dauphine, London

Organised by my good colleague Dr. Yseult Marique from Essex University. Unfortunately, I am teaching that day and cannot take part in the conference.


Public Procurement & Labour Standards - Reopening the Debate after RegioPost

May 9th, 9am to 5pm at University of Bristol Law School - Coutts Lecture Theatre, Wills Memorial Building, Bristol BS8 1RJ, UK

This one is run by Albert and looks to be a smashing event focused on the use of public procurement to enforce labour standards. Excellent speaker lineup. I plan on attending this one.


Procurement Week 2016

Bangor, June 9th and 10th

Event organised by my former team at the Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies at Bangor University. I will be speaking at this event and will see Pontio with my own eyes for the first time.


Taking Stock of NHS Governance after the 2013 reforms: Public Procurement

June 23rd, OpenSpace - West One St. George's Road, Bristol BS1 5BE

Another event run by Albert in Bristol. Looks interesting and with a varied set of speakers to boot.