Are UK contracting authorities publishing contract award information?

The answer is: not all and not all of the time irrespective of the clear legal commands to do so. OpenOpps looked into the practice for contracts published on ContractsFinder and this is what they found out:

On average, central government departments had 23% of tenders incomplete. For example, Department for Education has issued 70 tenders and just 43 contract awards (39% incomplete) and the Department of Health has issued 101 tenders and only 33 contract awards (67% incomplete). The better performers were FCO Services and the Department for Transport. FCO Services has issued 187 tender opportunities on Contracts Finder, but published 186 contract awards (only 0.5% incomplete). The Department for Transport has published 97 tender opportunities and 94 are complete (4% incomplete).

As I suspected, local Government is a lot worse:

This trend of leaving tenders incomplete is less greater in local government where, on average 65% of the notices are incomplete. According to our analysis, 114 local government publishers of tender notices have never published a contract award notice, whilst only 37 local government publishers had published all of their contract awards notices, and 17 of these had published just one tender notice and one contract award. Clearly, the lack of contract award notices is not the only issue, low publishing numbers are also a problem. For example, Cambridgeshire County Council managed to publish just five tenders into Contracts Finder, when they’ve managed to publish 173 tender notices elsewhere since January this year.

As the data analysis was done only on ContractsFinder it is possible that for contracts above the EU thresholds contracting authorities are complying with the requirement to publish the results instead on the Tenders Electronic Daily.