Capita wins Defence Fire and Rescue contract

The Minister of State, Ministry of Defence confirmed yesterday to Parliament that the Government will be awarding to Capita the Defence Fire and Rescue contract, putting end to a protracted process which involved a challenge by Serco, one of the other bidders. This is going to be a £525 million, 12 year long contract.

Serco ends up receiving a £10 million out-of-court settlement from the Government, showing that perhaps challenging a decision is worth a gamble even if it does not make it to the court. And, of course, as “lessons will be learned” the MOD accounting officer has appointed and independent review of this procurement process.

Links I Liked [Public Procurement]

1. Why is so much ICT procurement not appearing on ContractsFinder? SpendMatters reports on some research carried out by Innopsis on this topic. The smoking gun - which I agree with - is framework agreements. As argued here before, framework agreements are a black hole in what concerns contract data.

2. MOD publishes a refreshed SME policy.

3. The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 has been amended by the Public Procurement (Amendments, Repeals and Revocations) 2016. Great to see the that section 1 no longer refers to the Europe 2012 strategy, but one has to wonder - again - why the rush to ge tthe PCR2015 out the door in February last year.

4. Slovenia reforms its public procurement law, right before the deadline to transpose Directive 2014/24/EU.

5. Not all is good in Bulgarian public procurement. Further examples here.