Some further thoughts on Brexit and its impact on procurement

This time from Lorand Bartels (Cambridge University), who argues that the UK will succeed to the EU on the Government Procurement Agreement:

It is the EU alone, and not the UK, that is the relevant party to this agreement.
Accordingly, it is at present the EU that is solely responsible for its obligations under the
agreement, including in respect of the actions of government authorities that are organs of
its Member States. It is submitted that on leaving the EU, the UK will succeed to the GPA in
its own right, in accordance with rules of customary international law on the succession of
states to treaties, and practice under the GATT 1947, which ‘guides’ the WTO.

Although I am not entirely persuaded by the arguments (at least not yet) there is at least a reasonable case to be made for the UK to stay inside the GPA after Brexit.