Open consultation Supplier standard for digital and technology service providers

Programmes like ‘Government as a Platform’ mean we’re moving away from long-term, large-scale contracts towards more flexible, digital, agile and transparent interactions focused on joint delivery.

The supplier standard for digital and technology service providers describes our expectations of, and commitments to, the technology companies we’ll need to work with to make this approach successful.

The six guiding principles of this proposed new approach are:

  1. User needs first.
  2. Data is a public asset.
  3. Services built on open standards and reusable components.
  4. Simple, clear, fast transactions.
  5. Ongoing engagement.
  6. Transparent contracting.

Personally I am in favour of these guiding principles as a pathway to improve public procurement although I am cagey on the ongoing engagement as it will be an easy way fr supplier with preferential access to influence the procurement decision making outside of a formal procedure.